It will be a privilege to have you attend Lehman Avenue church of Christ while attending WKU. We have a lot planned for this school year to help make Lehman you church home away from home.  Below are some of those plans and activities.

Wednesday Night Meals

As students who have joined us in previous years can tell you, our ladies sure can cook. Each Wednesday evening our ladies prepare a warm well-cooked meal at 6:00 p.m.

Wednesday Bus Pick Up

The Lehman church bus will come to the campus each Wednesday during the school year and bring you to the building for the meal and Bible class.   The bus will be at the Faculty Parking Lot, Pierce Ford Towers (PFT) at 5:35. It will leave to return to the church building at 5:45 p.m. Irvin Abney is the driver.

Sunday Bus Pick Up

If you stay in town over the weekend, the bus can pick you up on Sunday morning for worship followed by Bible class. The pick up location is the same as Wednesday . The time is 8:35-8:45 p.m. We only need to know if you need a ride. Call Rick Wheat at 270-202-0396.

Bible classes

Wednesday evening: “When the Lord Returns” taught by Mike McGuire

Sunday morning: Ecclesiastes, taught by Greg Neville

Social, Service and Spiritual Events

Wednesday evening meals @ 6 p.m.   Devotionals and singing at the Colonnade, meeting at ball games, Devotionals and visitation at local nursing homes, Get-togethers at the homes of Lehman members, bowling nights, Campus walks as a group

For more information contact: Mike McGuire 615-970-1515 (mcguire5fam@netzero) or
Roger Watt 270-782-8764 (roger.watt@warren.kyschools.us


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